Poor Guy Fails Pathetically While Trying to Demolish the Entire House With a BMW

Everything happens for a reason they say. Every action we do, every reaction we give has its own particular or general reason. The reason you eat is to stay alive.

The reason we work is to support our families. The reason we have friends is that we're social animals. The reason we repair something is that thing is broken. Some things or actions, however seem to have no reason at all. In today's oddly funny video, you're going to witness such an unreasonal action that will make you question the reason of life. Watching the video, you're going to see a man trying hopelessly to demolish a wooden house with his BMW automobile. As expected, he fails and the house keeps standing. What is he thinking
? Is a BMW Wagon powerful enought to demolish a huge wooden house. Even though it's just a frame house a BMW is not the right vehicle to bring the entire house down. You need something stronger.

Check out today's interesting video to see a pathetic fail and leave your comment below!