Extremely Old Engine from Pakistan Still Runs Perfectly and Draws Water from a Water Well

The older, the better! This is especially the case for engines! It's indisputably true that technology of the millennium gave birth to countless developments and innovations in the automotive industry.

We designed high-technology headlamps, smart keys, unbreakable glass, advanced turbocharging, satellite navigation, vehicle tracking systems and most importantly fully-electrical cars. But, old technology was also advanced enough to make incredibly durable engines. In today's video, we're seeing one! Filmed in Punjab, Pakistan, this video with more than one million YouTube views demonstrates us an old very old engine working flawlessly and drawing water from a water-well. It's surprising to see such an old engine work that smoothly. It's apparently a masterpiece of engineering and this need appreciation. The engine is covered with a thick layer of oil. We wonder how would it look when cleaned.

This video shows us why they say "old is gold". Watch it till the end to see how perfectly this badass engine runs and pay your respects to the builder.