Convertible Volkswagen Beetle Custom Built by a 84-Years-Old Grandpa is Gonna Blow Your Mind

It's well known an appreciated how iconic the Volkswagen Beetle is for the global automotive industry.

The Beetle, also known by many different names such as the Bug and the Type 1, has inspired so many automotive designers and it still keeps doing it. The VW Beetle came the fourth in the Car of the Century, a competition that is held to choose the world's most influential cars. Since the Beetle if introduced to the market, people tried to make cars that look like it. In today's video, for example, we're seeing one of these Beetle-inspired cars. Shared by the Wizard of Odd Tv, a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers from all around the world, this video shows us a custom built Volkswagen Beetle. As you also will see in the video, this is not a normal, regular Volkswagen Beetle, this is a custom miracle! It's designed and made in Arizona by an 84-year old grandpa. He must be the coolest grandpa ever! The VW Beetle looks badass. That's true, but there something another that makes it special! It's a convertible! When the weather is nice, you can open up the roof and enjoy the warming rays of the sun.

Check out the video till the end to see this amazing build in action and have a minute of pure fun!