Part Plane Part Limo "Learjet Limo" is Now Available For Anyone Willing to Pay $5 Million!

Do you have $5 million to spend? If you do here's something unique o spend on! "Learjet Limo" is come up to the market when a former plane wonderfully transformed into a completely street-legal nightclub on wheels after 12 years of insanely detail renovation.

This former plane, on which this limousine is based is a Lear Jet. The unbelievable combination of two different vehicles, a limousine and a plane, is the brainchild of gifted designer Dan Harris and the owner Frank DeAngelo. The project indeed spanned 12 years and was born in 2006. The Laerjet Limo cost more than $1 million and can carry up to eight passengers. Painted in apple candy red, this one-of-a-kind vehicle is no more powered by a jet engine but a V8 internal combustion engine. The whole vehicle covers 42 feet in length, and it weighs a staggering 5.5 tonnes. In spite of its length and weight, the Learjet limo can reach up to 100 mph, thanks to the GM Vortec V8 powering it. As you also will see clearly in the video, a lot of custom work has gone for this amazing build. Both the bodywork and the mechanisms required finely detailed custom work, which makes the vehicle even more precious. The attention to detail and the advanced craftsmanship are the results of working with a professional team. Not only the exterior, but also the interior is stunning. The interior features a 42'' plasma screen, four large flat screen TVs, a DVD player, strobe lights, a disco ball, 4,500 stereo with CD player, and a theater surround sound system. It's apparently ideal to hit the glittering street of Las Vegas. It's now on the market and available for anyone who is willing to pay $5million.The video we share today shows and tells us about this strikingly cool vehicle.

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