Pretty Girls Trying So Hard to Get in Lifted Trucks With Huge Tires

What is the reason some people lift their trucks? Does it good better? Does it drive better? Guess not!

It's true for some that lifted trucks with gigantic tires look cool at some point although such big tires have no function at all. They look badass, but they're hard to drive. Not only to drive, but also to get in! In today's video, we're checking out how hard it is to get in a lifted truck, especially when you're petite woman. Watching this funny video, shared by popular YouTube channel "Cars Compilations", you're going to see a bunch of girls trying so hard to get in lifted trucks with extremely big tires, some of which is taller than an average human. Why to tire yourself in vain instead of getting in a normal size car like a normal person? It's hard to understand some people, you know!

Check out this interesting compilation of pretty ladies unnecessarily struggling with ridiculously lifted trucks and let us know what you think about it down in the comments below!