Top 5 Huge Turbo Cars & Turbo Trucks In The World

Talking about car engine build or engine swap cars, turbo cars or turbo truck always attract us because of cool sounds, eye catching big engine and superfast. Nowaday, many car enthusiasts would like to build their cars with big turbo, twin turbo, twin turbo supercharged, quad turbo... that make their car faster and speical.

So that is the reason why a lot of turbo cars and turbo trucks have been built through the years with some popular models as: turbo supra mk5, twin turbo mazda rx7, turbo bmw 335i, volvo 240 turbo, toyota MR2 turbo...

Today, we are showing you 5 extreme single turbo, quad turbo and twin turbo cars and trucks, these turbo cars & trucks are very well-known in the world. Not only surprising with massive turbo engine, you also will be blown by fire breathing dyno test and huge smoking tire burnout.

If you are the fans of turbo engine cars, twin turbo cars or big turbo cars, check out these insane creations right now with the list below:

- Audi RS7 Twin Turbo Stage 4 - The car seems like it was created by Russian tuning company Total Race, which specializes in tuning Audi's venerable 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

- Rob Dahm's AWD 4-ROTOR RX-7 - The world's first and only all-wheel drive Mazda RX-7 fitted with a four-rotor billet engine.

- Bandag Bullet Burnout - World's Toughest Burnout Truck

- Wasabi - 2800hp Hemi Supra - this MkIV Supra was built by ProSpeed Autosports in Houston, Texas, for no-prep drag racing. Under the hood sits a 526 cubic-inch dry sump engine built by Arrow Machine of Brenham, Texas, paired to a simply gargantuan Precision 118-mm turbocharger breathing through the front bumper and running on 40 pounds of boost. Combined, the setup puts out 2827 horsepower.

- 1934 Ford Coupe with Twin-Turbo Big-Block Chevy - The twin turbo donk is a Dart-based 598-cube big-block Chev running Callies internals and Big Chief heads. Turbos are 88mm Comp T6's, while the intake manifold, turbo plumbing and headers are more examples of Ed's handiwork.

Watch the video below and take a look at these incredible cars! You will be amazed for sure!