I Built A Tank For My Son - Inspired By World Of Tanks

In this video you will see how this man built a Tank for his son - inspired by World of Tanks. This project was a lot of fun and his son loves it! He spent months building a tank from scratch. Doing all this work involves a lot of mistakes that can be stressful, but he did it for his son.

For a very long time this guy wanted to build something grandiose and the developers of the World of Tanks game helped him with this.
He has been playing this game for a long time and he could not even imagine that one day WORLD OF TANKS - WARGAMING would become a sponsor of this great project! It is really awesome!

In this video, this guy will share with us the production process of the Tank, which is very similar to the real one. This tank has tracks, a turret and even shoots paintballs. His son was very pleased with this tank! Good job!

What do you think of this tank? Tell us about it in the comments below. Scroll down, watch the video and have a fun!