13 Extreme Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications refer to changes made to a vehicle's original configuration to improve its performance, appearance, functionality, or to cater to specific needs or preferences. Here are some common types of vehicle modifications:

Performance Modifications: These modifications focus on enhancing the vehicle's power, speed, and overall performance. Examples include engine upgrades, turbocharging or supercharging, aftermarket exhaust systems, performance tuning, and upgraded suspension components.

Exterior Modifications: These modifications are primarily focused on changing the vehicle's appearance. Examples include custom paint jobs, body kits, spoilers, aftermarket wheels, window tinting, and lighting modifications.

Interior Modifications: These modifications aim to improve the comfort, aesthetics, and functionality of the vehicle's interior. Examples include custom upholstery, upgraded audio systems, multimedia systems, aftermarket seats, and interior lighting upgrades.

Suspension Modifications: Suspension modifications involve altering the vehicle's suspension system to improve handling, stability, and ride quality. This may include installing coilovers, lowering or raising the vehicle's ride height, sway bars, or upgrading bushings.

Brake Upgrades: Upgrading the vehicle's braking system can improve stopping power, reduce brake fade, and enhance overall safety. This may involve installing larger brake discs, performance brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, or upgrading to a high-performance brake kit.

Wheel and Tire Upgrades: Changing the wheels and tires can affect the vehicle's appearance, performance, and handling. Upgrading to larger wheels, low-profile tires, or high-performance tires can provide better grip, improved cornering, and a more aggressive look.

Lighting Modifications: Lighting modifications can include installing aftermarket headlights, fog lights, LED light bars, or interior ambient lighting for improved visibility, aesthetics, and functionality.

Off-Road Modifications: These modifications are focused on preparing the vehicle for off-road adventures. Examples include lift kits, off-road tires, skid plates, winches, and upgraded suspension components to improve ground clearance, traction, and durability.

In this cool video you will see the 13 extreme vehicle modifications. Such crazy vehicles! Watch the video till the end and let us know what you think of it in the comments.