Steam Snow Plough in The Swiss Mountains

In today's video you will see a test run of a servo motor to switch from dual to dual mode operation of a steam engine. That was probably too modest. The R12 can do more! What conclusion does the crew make based on the results of today's test run? Its forces are very impressive. The 10mm thick steel plates are curved outwards.

The Furka Mountain Steam Railway, or Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway, is a historic and scenic railway located in Switzerland. Today, the R12 is being tested for the first time under the most severe conditions. Hard, frozen spring snow awaits a newly restored machine on the Furka Mountain Steam Railway. Today's test run will show whether the R12 is up to these extreme conditions.

The second star of the day is the HG 4/4. This machine will assist the R12 energetically. R12 beats even hard spring snow! However, this beautifully restored mashine is actually much too precious for that. That's why it will probably be used for powder snow demonstrations in the future. Here's your chance to see this powerful machine in action. Just scroll down and watch the video below.