Giant Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Process

Heavy-duty hammer forging is a metalworking process used to shape metal by applying localized compressive forces using a hammer. Hydraulic steel forging machines, often referred to as hydraulic hammers or hydraulic forging presses, are a type of equipment used in this process.

In the context of heavy-duty hammer forging, hydraulic steel forging machines can be large presses or hammers that use hydraulic systems to generate and control the force applied to shape the metal. Hydraulic steel forging machines are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precision and control over the forging process are crucial. They offer advantages in terms of versatility, efficiency, and the ability to handle heavy-duty applications.

In today's great video you will see this process as closely as possible. The guys who work with steel by hand have real talent. The maintenance of the equipment would be mind-boggling. No wonder everything costs so much, the initial investment must be huge. The energy used in these processes is astounding! You can learn about all this and much more from the episode that we presented to you below. So scroll down and enjoy watching.