Datsun 240Z Restoration - Final Bodywork Stages

In today's fantastic video you can see all the body work done on a Datsun 240Z, a classic sports car that gained popularity in the 1970s. It is celebrated for its combination of style, performance, and affordability, leaving an enduring legacy in the history of sports cars.

Its owner has done a great job restoring this classic car. He replaced the inner rocker panel and the intricately shaped sheet underneath. The wheel arch was also very rusty and also needed replacing. This craftsman remade all the panels himself from 1mm thick flat steel sheet using a bunch of different tools. The driver's side was also very rusty on the inside, although it looked fine on the outside. This was definitely a good idea because there was still a lot of hidden rust that required more panels to be replaced. It wasn't as bad as the passenger side, but still was a lot of work.

This guy had to remove both seat mounts to gain access to the rusty area. He made a total of four patches on the floor. The seat mount was cracked and bent. The master reshaped it and welded it after quick sandblasting. The damaged hood which he repaired in part 2 was not 100% perfect. It was decided to put lead on it. It is much more durable than filler, especially when building up edges. It turned out very great and the hood is now looking perfect.

It was a big job aligning the panels, it took several days to get all the panels to fit together perfectly with nice, even and consistent gaps. It was all worth it in the end and the car looks amazing now. A complete body repair of this car took about 110 days in the workshop. But the work was not fully completed. The next step in restoring the car will be removing the paint and painting it new.

It's so refreshing to have videos like this without music, but with real working sounds. It's actually calming. Join this meditation. Click on the play button and enjoy the video to the fullest.