The Pembleton T24 - The Lightest New Car

The Pembleton T24 is an exciting new entry into the lightweight car market, and Jonny Smith's review provides an in-depth look at this unique vehicle. At just 361kg, the Pembleton T24 stands out as one of the lightest cars available. This lightweight construction contributes to its agile handling and distinctive driving experience.

The T24 offers two engine choices, both air-cooled twin-cylinder units. The options include a 79bhp 850cc engine and a 750cc unit, providing a range of power and performance characteristics to suit different driving preferences. The car features front-wheel drive, independent suspension, and disc brakes all around, ensuring a modern and responsive driving feel. These components work together to deliver a driving experience that is both engaging and fun.

The Pembleton T24 is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia while incorporating modern engineering. Its design is reminiscent of classic British cars, combining vintage aesthetics with contemporary functionality. Priced at £33,000, the T24 targets enthusiasts looking for a unique, hand-built vehicle that offers a blend of classic motoring charm and modern performance. This price point places it in a niche market, appealing to those who value craftsmanship and individuality in their automotive choices. Pembleton Motor Company, known for its three-wheeler models, has expanded its lineup with this new four-wheeler. The T24 showcases the company's commitment to innovation and tradition, continuing their legacy of producing distinctive, lightweight vehicles.

Jonny Smith's review highlights the Pembleton T24 as a remarkable car that combines lightweight engineering, nostalgic design, and modern driving dynamics. It's a vehicle that caters to enthusiasts who appreciate the art of motoring and the joy of driving a finely crafted, unique automobile. To see more scroll down and watch this episode till the end. Have a good time.