Locomotive Hasn't Run in 30 Years

In this fascinating video we witness the revival of an NS200 Sik locomotive that has been out of operation for several decades. This is a product of the Netherlands, was built for shunting or switching tasks and houses a robust 3-cylinder diesel engine installed in the 1960s. The engine had been dormant since 1995, its starter long gone.

Despite these challenges, the team in the video managed to bring the engine back to life, igniting curiosity about what to do next with this piece of railway history. The successful restart of the engine opens up several exciting possibilities. One compelling option is a full restoration of the locomotive. If a full restoration proves too ambitious, the locomotive could find a new home as a static display in a railway museum. Alternatively, the locomotive could become an educational tool. Engineering students and railway enthusiasts alike would benefit greatly from studying its mechanics and the process of bringing such an old engine back to life.

Choosing the best path forward depends on various factors, including available resources, the locomotive's condition after initial repairs, and the interest and support from the community or railway preservation groups. Each option offers a unique way to honor the locomotive's past while securing its future. But the fact that this vintage locomotive can be started will simply amaze you! Watch the video below and enjoy this old vehicle.