Russian Radial Engine Start and Run

People don't seem to understand, this is not exactly your average engine. Those of you who know about Russian aircraft probably knew immediately that this is indeed a Shvetsov ASh-62, otherwise known as the Shvetsov M-62, and likewise, those of you who know Russian would be able to read the description on the side of the trailer the engine is mounted on, of which I know both about Russian aircraft, and the Russian language.

This engine was first run in 1937, so yes, it is a very old design, and it is actually just a more powerful version of the even older Shvetsov M-25, which was first run about 1925.

This is an engine designed specifically for use in aircraft, most notably the very popular Antonov AN-2. Unlike your average truck engine, aircraft engines must be built much tougher, and to a much higher degree of quality, as you simply can't pull off to the side of the road in an aircraft in case of an engine failure.