Bizarre Trick: Unlock Your Car Using Tennis Ball

What you're going to see below is a totally unusual trick demonstrating how to unlock a car by using nothing but just a tennis ball.

The video promises to teach how to unlock your car if you forgot your key inside it. The car shown in the video has an electronic locking system. Try the following instructions and learn whether this odd trick really works! Use a regular tennis ball with a small hole in it to unlock the car. You can burn a hole into the ball using a hot key or screwdriver; you can heat up over the flame cooker in your kitchen. Place the ball over the lock with the hole facing the opening of the lock. Hold it as shown in the video and press the ball as hard as you can. The air pressure created while you pressing the ball forces the locking mechanism placed inside the door and unlocks your beloved car.

Try to keep this "magic ball" with you all the time in case of an emergency.