Romanian Car Fanatic Peter Szabo's $20,000 Wooden Car Gives a New Impulse to Automobile Industry

We as customers of automobile companies hear so many things about the technical parts that together make up a car, but only a few of us give thought to the materials that are used by these companies to built what we buy as a means of transportation. Today's automobile industry uses a great number of different materials to manufacture cars, ranging from sophisticated to simple ones, such as iron, plastic steel, carbon fibre, copper, aluminum and so on.

What about wood? Have you ever seen a car made up of wood? "No" will be the answer for many of you, I presume! Peter Szabo, a Romanian car enthusiast, took a step further and brought his dream into reality, he made a wooden car. Nicknamed "Julia", this wooden car perfectly combines the vintage lines and innovative specifications, such as tabler-controlled headlights.

Szabo built Julia inside a workshop beside his home. Reportedly, the wooden car took more then 4,500 hours to complete over three years and cost $20,000 in hard wood. Check out the video and see this amazingly unique vehicle!