Getting a Driver Licence Doesn't Necessarily Means that You "Can" Drive!

For driving, there are some legal obligations. You must do certain things, got some skills and follow several steps to obtain a driver licence and so to drive.

These things, skills and steps generally include meeting minimum eyesight rules, being able to use your hands and feet, being at the minimum driving age, registering to a driver course, attending to this course and passing the written and vision tests. These, however, are not enough for you to be a good driver. Not everyone who got a driver licence can drive properly. In today's video, we're seeing a proof for that very statement! Watching this weird video, you're going to see a crazy man driving his modified Toyota pickup truck like he's out of his mind. It's a pity for such a cool truck. This is not fun, this is not right, that's just wrong!

Check out today's video to see this insane man and let us know what you would do if you see such a case!