Predator Tow Truck Drives Through Extremely Challenging Pipeline From Hell Mud Pit

Texas is a great place if you're and adrenaline junkie who seek out and craves for thrilling activities and sensation.

In this big state, you can find countless different ways to feel the chill. In the woods of northeastern Texas, for example, there is a strange mud pit called the Pipeline From Hell. It is located at the Sabine River Rats Hunting Club near Marshall, Texas. This diabolically named mud pit features over 100 yards long of completely obscured holes and muddy water. It takes a specially built truck, experience, fearlessness and courage to make it across. When it is the case, the videos filmed in this mud pit become as excited as the races that take place there. Today, we're checking out such a video and watching it, you're going to see an impressive build
: a 6.5HP tow truck that looks and sounds just like a predator.

Watch the video with ultimate attention to see this montrous tow truck driving through the extremely challenging mud pit and get yourself ready to have some quality fun