8x8 Off Road Truck Trial

Here is the 8x8 off road truck trial with heavy vehicles. Let's see what this machinery can do in different terrain layout at the "Europa Truck Trial" truck trial competition in Montalieu-Vercieu, France.

The 8x8 off-road truck trial is a motorsport competition that involves off-road trucks with eight wheels (also known as an octo-drive or 8x8 configuration) navigating through a course filled with obstacles and challenging terrain. The objective is to complete the course in the fastest time possible without getting stuck or incurring penalties.

These off-road trucks are typically custom-built and feature specialized suspension systems, high-clearance axles, and oversized tires to tackle challenging terrains such as mud, rocks, and steep inclines. They are also equipped with powerful engines and multiple gearboxes to provide maximum torque and traction to all eight wheels.

The 8x8 off-road truck trial is a popular event in many countries and attracts both amateur and professional drivers. The competition is often held in a series of heats, with the fastest drivers moving on to the finals. The trucks are often modified between heats to improve performance or repair any damage sustained during the competition.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!