Huge R/C Turbine Helicopter's Exciting Indoor Flight is Worth to See!

If you're interested in aircrafts and you don't have an opportunity to own a real one (if you're not a millionaire or something it's already impossible to buy a full size aircraft) R/C is a good choice to spend some quality time with yourself.

Radio-controlled aircrafts, regardless of their sizes and shapes, offers you a cool opportunity to enjoy a flight experience as well as developing your sense of control. Attending various R/C events, you can make new friends who share a lot with you. In today's video, which hit more than four million views on YouTube, we're checking out the indoor flight of a super big R/C turbine helicopter. This is a 1:5,7 scale REGA EC 145 turbine helicopter operated by the skillful pilot Franz Lechner.

We would pay half of our salaries to spend a couple hours playing with this big toy and we're sure that most of you would do, too. To see the flight of this badass helicopter start the video from 4.50 and thank us later!