RC "Giant Tank Destroyer" Works for the Very First Time

As all of you know already too well, radio-controlled (or colloquially known as R/C) vehicles are battery or gas powered model vehicles that offer a great hobby option for adults.

Building R/C vehicles or spending time with them is an effective way of having quality time as well as developing your controlling abilities. If you're a lover of such model cars then our website is just for you. Here, we have shared so many R/C videos and today we share just another! Shared by RCSparks Studio, a widely popular YouTube channel focused on hobby-grade radio controlled trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, friends, family and more, today's video demonstrates us a giant tank destroyer. Made from 240 LBS of all metal parts, this badass R/C is a true beast. The vehicle featured today is an "ARMORTEK" ELEFANT, modelled from a WW2 Ferdinand Elefant Tank Destroyer. It is outfitted with dual "car batteries", in series at 24v. It is all electric, direct drive running on Dual 24v motors with a 16:1 gear reduction. The build cost about $6500 USD in total. In the video, you're going to see the very first drive of this outstanding machine!

Check it out and you'll enjoy it!