Optimus Overkill 6X6X6 Semi Truck Looks Like It Just Came Out of Transformers

Here we've talked about the RCSparks Studio. This is a quite popular YouTube channel dedicated to radio controlled trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, friends, family and more.

It has more than two million subscribers and it pleases the devoted R/C lovers from all around the world. Today, we though it would be pretty good to present you a video from this amusing channel. Watching today' video, you're going to see the "Optimus Overkill." At the first glance to the video, you will feel like you're checking a full-size
truck, but as the video goes on you'll understand that it's actually an R/C. As reported by its builder, this custom made truck is a 1/10 scale R/C model truck powered by 4 hand-wound 35T brushed motors. The body is a Tamiya Knight Hauler and professionally airbrushed by an ingenious man from Bloodshot Airbrushing of Alberta, Canada. It's equipped with a sound kit, meaning that it gives a cool engine sound while driving.

Check out the video to see the Optimus Overkill and enjoy it!