Building a Metal Ferrari 250 GTO

Building a metal Ferrari at home was a real challenge! You need to think long and hard about how to make a car. To build the car, you first need to build the frame to get as close as possible to the original Ferrari 250 GTO. This man made this frame from metal rods.

He also installed a motor and a remote control in this car so that the Ferrari could be started using the remote control. It must be remembered that during the manual assembly process you can encounter many problems and fail several times. This metal Ferrari is made from a combination of iron and tin.

This Ferrari 250 GTO is a handcrafted 1/5 scale Ferrari remote control car, 1/5 the size of the original car. The 250 gto's exterior took 48 days to handcraft, but the interior and wheels are still unfinished and the paint needs to be sanded down. So, if you are interested in creating similar cars, you can try to make one yourself. Share your experience and knowledge in the comments. This might be useful to someone!