Water Firing Hypercar with NASA Technology

This is the Hyperion XP-1. One of the most advanced cars ever built, it's powered by a hydrogen propulsion system which makes the car literally spits water from the exhaust. Also utilizes some of the most advanced technology ever added to a car, it can be charged in 5 minutes and has a range of over 1500km.

The XP-1 can also reach 0-100kh/m in just 2.2 seconds and has a top speed of over 350km/h. Alex gives us a closer look at what is sure to be the coolest and most advanced cars ever.

Some facts. Hyperion is an American technology company that specializes in developing sustainable energy solutions for transportation. One of their latest projects is a hypercar called the Hyperion XP-1, which is designed to run on hydrogen fuel cell technology and features a unique water-firing system.

According to Hyperion, the XP-1's water-firing system uses NASA-derived technology that uses the car's hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity that is then used to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then used to power the car's electric motors, while the oxygen is released as a byproduct.

What sets the XP-1's water-firing system apart is that it uses the hydrogen that is generated from the water-splitting process to create a high-temperature, high-pressure plasma that is injected into the car's combustion chamber. This plasma is said to improve the efficiency of the car's internal combustion engine and reduce emissions.

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