World's Coolest Concept Car - Mercedes AVTR

This is the Mercedes AVTR, the coolest concept car in the world. This car can crab walk, be driven in both the left and right seats and has a million cool features. Today we show you around why this car is so special and even get to drive it in Dubai.

The Mercedes-Benz AVTR is an all-electric vehicle that is powered by four electric motors, one at each wheel, which can provide a combined output of more than 1,100 horsepower. The car's battery is made from a graphene-based organic cell chemistry that is said to be both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the most striking features of the AVTR is its design. The car has a long, flowing shape that is reminiscent of a creature from another planet, with a smooth, organic exterior that is designed to look like it has grown naturally. The car's wheels are covered by flexible flaps that can move independently, allowing the car to move sideways like a crab.

The interior of the AVTR is equally impressive, with a futuristic design that features a large, curved display screen that spans the entire dashboard. The car's seats are made from a sustainable vegan material that is made from recycled plastic bottles and other renewable materials.

One of the most innovative features of the AVTR is its "biometric connection" technology, which allows the car to read the driver's pulse and breathing rate, and adjust the car's environment accordingly. For example, if the driver is stressed, the car can adjust the lighting, music, and other features to help them relax.

Its sustainable materials, advanced electric drivetrain, and innovative features make it one of the coolest concept cars in the world.

Check out the video and enjoy this amazing car!