Who Said Truck-Driving Is Not For Women- We Can Do It!!!

It's a common prejudice we have that truck driving is a predominantly male profession, but actually there is no probable cause for women to not to be a truck driver! Women can drive trucks just as well as man, and there is a great amount of insurance industry data that indicates that women, particularly when compared to young men, are way more successful and safer in that!

As we said in the beginning, the "usual truck driver stereotype" in the U. S doesn't include a 38-year old beautiful woman who is sincerely dedicated for truck-driving job in the oil industry instead of spending hours before a shop window trying to decide whether the nude or patent stiletto will go with their dress they bought for $250 last week. The video we present below tells the story of Jonnie Cassens, who moves to North Dakota due to a work scarce in California, expecting to find a good job opportunity. Well, I hope the women that call themselves as "feminists" who are collectively fighting for acquiring gender equality in employment understand the true equality which has nothing to do with sitting all day and throwing mud against hard- working people!

Check out the video below, listen to her story and appreciate her for working decently in a male dominated field!