Hydraulic Truck Dumps its Load Like a Boss

Have you ever wondered how does a hydraulic dump truck work? Some of you may already know how it works, but let us explain for those who don't.

First of all, the term "hydraulic" is defined as something that is moved or operated by liquid, such as water or oil. Hydraulic dump trucks simply use hydraulic hoist systems to lift the bed of the truck to dump the load. The hydraulic system used on dump truck beds is made of four main parts: a control valve, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic fluid, pistons and cylinders. What we're checking out in today's video is a huge hydraulic dump truck dumping its load in a both scary and exciting way. It's the Chip Truck Hydraulic Dumper at Resolute Forest Products in Thunder Bay Ontario. It lifts the whole dump bed up to a steep angle and unloads the chips out the back into a bin. The way this truck unloads is not something you see on a daily basis. Some people don't even know this type of trucks exist.

Watch the video till the end to see how does this cool truck work and comment below!