Mini Semi With 1000+HP Engine Does Some Nasty Burnouts !

YouTube is a great platform if you're an auto-lover who enjoy spending time wtaching them. You can find countless cool channels that post auto related videos on a regular basis.

Today, for example, we present you a fantastic video from one of these channels which arr pure sources of fun for enthusiasts from all around the world. Shared by The Wizard of Odd TV, an awesome channel dedicated to enjoyable factual content, world record holders and extraordinary things, this video shows us an ultra powerful mini semi doing some sick burnouts. We already live burnouts, but we double love them when the vehicle that does them is a badass truck. This is an semi with an engine that can produce over 1000 horsepower. It's the type of semi that we all want to see nextyard.

Check out today's amazing video to see this 1000+ HP Semi doing some nasty burnouts, pay your respect to the builder and be ready to have some real fun!