World's Most Powerful Semi Truck

Talking about trucks, semi truck is one of the most popular truck styles but if we only discuss about normal semi trucks that is so boring. However, today we will talk about one of the world's most powerful semi truck, strongest semi truck, most powerful big rig truck and is perhaps one of most incredible vehicles that will amaze you totally. This world's most power semi truck is "THOR24" that is built by Mike Harrah in America. So, what is this most powerful big rig truck about? Let's watch this craziest custom truck until the end for more details.

There are really no words to describe this beast. Definitely the most interesting semi tractor ever built. This is like when genius mechanic's lose their mind's - but in a good way.

One can confidently say that whoever bought that truck better keep it pristine and intact until the end of days. It is a gem.

Check out this video to see and hear this excellent piece of machinery and enjoy!