$360K Volvo VNL Expedite Truck

$360,000 Volvo VNL Expedite Truck with Kitchen and Bathroom Sleeper is the best and the most useful vehicle ever. Looks great - nice setup for the driver when he stops after driving a long time. This video shows everything this truck was made for.

The Volvo VNL Expedite Truck with a kitchen and bathroom sleeper by Bolt Custom Trucks is an interesting concept that could potentially offer a unique and convenient solution for long-haul truck drivers who spend extended periods on the road.

The addition of a kitchen and bathroom sleeper could provide drivers with greater comfort and convenience during their travels, allowing them to cook their meals and take showers or use the restroom without having to stop at a truck stop or rest area. This could potentially increase efficiency and productivity for drivers who need to be on the road for extended periods.

However, it's important to consider the added weight and cost of such customizations, as well as the impact on fuel economy and handling. Additionally, the kitchen and bathroom facilities would need to meet certain safety and sanitation standards, which could add additional costs and considerations.

Watch the video below to see this amazingly designed vehicle and enjoy its unique beauty!