Scania R650 V8 + Fassi F2150RA Crane

This video features a brand new Scania R650 V8 deployed with a huge Fassi F2150RA 215 ton/meter crane performing two lifts in Amsterdam and Zaandam (The Netherlands).

Some facts about this amazing truck. The Scania R650 V8 is a heavy-duty truck manufactured by Scania, a Swedish company known for producing commercial vehicles. This particular model is equipped with a V8 engine that has a maximum power output of 650 horsepower, making it capable of hauling large loads and operating in challenging environments.

The Fassi F2150RA is a hydraulic crane manufactured by Fassi, an Italian company that specializes in the production of cranes and lifting equipment. This crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 215 metric tons and a maximum outreach of 30 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting applications.

When combined, the Scania R650 V8 and Fassi F2150RA crane make a powerful and versatile heavy-duty vehicle that is capable of hauling and lifting heavy loads over long distances. This combination is commonly used in the construction, mining, and transportation industries where heavy equipment and materials need to be moved quickly and efficiently.