14 Year Old Drives An Oversized Load

In this video, Brian and Tommy have challenged the boys to something completely different than they are used to. They must drive around the lot, detach the trailer, unload this massive tractor, and then reload it to back up and reattach. Will they do any good with hauling an oversized load? Let's see!

Driving a big truck can be challenging for many people due to the size and weight of the vehicle. However, with proper training and experience, it is possible to become skilled in driving a big truck. It requires a lot of attention, patience, and careful driving to maneuver the vehicle safely on the road.

But this kid can drive better than many drivers on the road today! He definitely knows what he's doing. Should be every child's dream! How lucky they are and how great that he let them drive it. Luke and Fred are definitely the best hands. Huge respect to Jacob for giving the boys a chance!

Check out the video and see how these 14 years old kids do their job!