A Girl And Her Big Rig

Girls can drive big trucks! The ability to drive a big rig depends on a person's skills, knowledge, and experience, rather than their gender. While it is true that truck driving has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, more and more women are entering the field and proving that they can excel in this career.

In fact, many trucking companies actively recruit women drivers and offer training programs to help them succeed in the industry. Ultimately, what matters most is a person's ability to safely and efficiently operate a large commercial vehicle, regardless of their gender.

This is Laura. Much respect to her! Always fun watching Laura work. She's a natural at these videos. Laura is truly special in everything she does.

Absolutely great to watch how farms work and all the intricacies of day to day duties. It is very nice to see that there are girls like Laura who love farming.

Check out the video below, listen to her story and appreciate her for working decently in a male dominated field!