How To Put Tire Chains On A Semi Truck

It is important for truck drivers to know how to properly install and use tire chains to avoid accidents! In today's video you can find out this.

Tire chains are used on semi trucks to provide additional traction and improve the vehicle's ability to navigate on roads that are covered in snow, ice, or other slippery conditions.

When roads are icy or covered in snow, the surface of the road can be extremely slick, and the tires of a semi-truck may not provide enough traction to maintain control of the vehicle.

Tire chains provide extra grip by digging into the surface of the road, allowing the truck's wheels to maintain traction and prevent the vehicle from slipping or sliding. This is particularly important when driving up steep inclines or on roads that have sharp turns or curves.

In many areas, tire chains are required by law during certain weather conditions or on specific roads to help ensure the safety of all drivers on the road.

Check out the video below to learn how to put tire chains on a semi truck!