Peterbilt vs. Kenworth - What's The Difference

Peterbilt vs Kenworth - what's the difference and which one to choose?

As many know, both Peterbilt and Kenworth are owned by PACCAR Inc. But how different are they really on parameters such as interior, exterior, powertrain, price, maintenance and brand reputation? Well, that's exactly what we're going to look at in this video.

Peterbilt and Kenworth are two popular brands of heavy-duty trucks used in the commercial transportation industry. While they are both well-known and respected in the industry, there are some differences between the two brands.

One of the main differences between Peterbilt and Kenworth is their design. Peterbilt trucks are known for their sleek, aerodynamic designs that prioritize fuel efficiency and driver comfort. Kenworth, on the other hand, is known for its more traditional, utilitarian designs that prioritize durability and ruggedness.

In terms of features and capabilities, both brands offer a wide range of options and configurations to meet the needs of different industries and applications. However, Kenworth is generally considered to have a broader range of heavy-duty and specialized trucks, while Peterbilt is more focused on the medium-duty and vocational truck markets.

So, take a seat and let's take a look at the differences between Peterbilt and Kenworth. Don't forget to leave your comment!