Hood Stacked Peterbilt Pull Truck

This guy bought a hood stacked Peterbilt pull truck. What a piece of machine! The black color suits it spectacularly, it looks like a truck from a duel horror movie. Don't miss your chance to see this awesome truck!

A hood stacked Peterbilt pull truck is characterized by a modified hood design, where additional hoods or engine covers are stacked on top of the original hood. This modification is primarily done for two reasons:

Weight Distribution: By adding extra hoods or engine covers on top of the original hood, more weight is placed over the front axle of the truck. This helps to increase traction on the front wheels, improving the truck's ability to gain traction and pull the sled.

Aesthetic Appeal: The stacked hood design is also often done for visual impact and to give the truck a unique appearance. Truck pulling competitions have a strong emphasis on customization and creativity, and the hood stacking modification is one way to make a truck stand out from the crowd.

Check out today's video and you will be amazed by this hood stacked Peterbilt pull truck. Enjoy watching.