Forgotten 1965 Ford F100

Join in with the Restored crew as they dig into this forgotten 1965 Ford F100. After digging in from its grave of over 50 years, they find out really quick that this thing is covered up with the biggest rat home they have ever seen in their lives.

Attempting to dig through the obstacles, the guys find out that the inside of the engine is no better than the outside. Fighting through rusty and broken parts, the guys attempt the impossible in hopes to see this sleeping beauty on the road again. This thing will definitely need a miracle to live again!

A few facts about this old but cool vehicle. The 1965 Ford F100 is a classic pickup truck that was part of Ford's F-Series lineup. The 1965 F100 featured a classic and robust design that was common for pickup trucks of that era. It had a rugged, square-shaped body with a prominent front grille and dual headlights.

The F100 was available with various engine options. In 1965, the standard engine was a 240 cubic inch (3.9L) inline-six engine that produced around 150 horsepower. Optional engines included a 300 cubic inch (4.9L) inline-six engine and V8 engines like the 352 cubic inch (5.8L) and 390 cubic inch (6.4L) engines.

This pickup truck could be equipped with a three-speed manual transmission as standard. Optional transmissions included a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission. The F100 was available in different cab styles, including a regular cab (two-door) and a Styleside or Flareside bed configuration. The Styleside had a more conventional straight bed design, while the Flareside had a step-side bed with distinctive rear fenders.

The 1965 Ford F100 is a popular choice among classic truck enthusiasts due to its iconic design, versatility, and solid build quality. It represents a piece of automotive history and is often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today.

So check out this awesome video to see how cool the 1965 Ford F100 pickup truck is!