Neglected Army Truck

Here is a 1970 XM818 6x6 tractor truck, with a Cummins 250 non turbo, 5 speed transmission, and a two speed transfer case. The 1970 XM818 is a 6x6 tractor truck that was commonly used in military applications.

The Cummins 250 engine is a six-cylinder diesel engine known for its durability and reliability. However, being a non-turbo engine means it doesn't have a turbocharger, which results in lower power output compared to turbocharged engines. It may also have slightly higher fuel consumption compared to modern turbocharged engines.

The 5-speed manual transmission provides five forward gears and one reverse gear. It allows the driver to manually shift gears based on the driving conditions and load requirements.

The two-speed transfer case is a part of the drivetrain system that allows the driver to switch between high-range and low-range gearing. The low-range gearing provides increased torque at lower speeds, which is useful for off-road or heavy-duty applications where more pulling power is needed.

Overall, the 1970 XM818 with the Cummins 250 non-turbo engine, 5-speed transmission, and two-speed transfer case is a robust and capable vehicle, particularly in off-road or rugged terrain scenarios. It was commonly used in military logistics, transportation, and other heavy-duty applications.

And in today's video we will see abandoned 1970 XM818 army truck. We have a big question. Will it run and drive? Scroll down, watch the video below and get your answer!