One Of The Rarest 1955 Bullnose Kenworth In America Was Bought For $300 In A Junk Yard

The Bullnose Kenworth trucks, also known as the Bullnose or Narrow Nose models, were a series of trucks produced by Kenworth in the 1950s and early 1960s. These trucks are highly regarded in the vintage truck community for their classic styling and distinctive rounded front end, which resembles the shape of a bull's nose, hence the name.

The Bullnose Kenworths were produced in various configurations, including conventional trucks, cab-over-engine (COE) models, and various trucking applications, such as heavy-duty haulers, logging trucks, and more. They were often powered by large displacement diesel engines from Cummins, Detroit Diesel, or other manufacturers.

During this era, Kenworth was known for building rugged and reliable trucks, which helped establish its reputation as a leading manufacturer in the trucking industry. While specific production numbers for individual years and models can be challenging to find, the Bullnose Kenworths are considered rare today due to their age and limited survival over the years. Many of these trucks have been lost to time, and those that remain are highly sought after by vintage truck enthusiasts and collectors.

For you today, one of the rarest 1955 Bullnose Kenworths in America. It was bought for $300 from a junkyard. You will be amazed by this truck! Check out the video below and enjoy watching!