First Start In Years! Barn Find Cabover Semi Truck Covered In Dust!

The 1984 Kenworth Cabover is a specific model of truck produced by Kenworth, a well-known manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. The term "cabover" refers to a truck design where the cab sits directly above the engine, as opposed to conventional trucks where the engine is located in front of the cab.

Kenworth offered various engine options, ranging from diesel engines to provide power and torque suitable for heavy hauling. The cabover design means the cab sits directly above the engine, maximizing the cargo area and reducing the overall length of the truck. This design is particularly popular for trucks used in urban environments or for hauling longer trailers.

Kenworth trucks in the 1980s typically featured manual transmissions, although some models might have been equipped with automatic transmissions. Kenworth Cabovers were known for their high payload capacities, making them ideal for hauling heavy loads.

Some models might have been available with sleeper cabs, providing drivers with a resting area for long-haul journeys. Kenworth trucks were often customizable, allowing buyers to select various options and configurations to suit their specific needs.

In today's great video you will see the first start in many years. This beautiful truck will drive again! Watch the video below till the end and enjoy! Don't forget to leave your comment.