"Unstoppable" - PKY Truck Beauty Championship Overview

The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) is one of the largest and most prominent trade shows and exhibitions in the trucking industry. It typically takes place annually in Louisville, Kentucky. The show serves as a hub for the trucking and transportation community, attracting industry professionals, exhibitors, and trucking enthusiasts from around the world.

MATS is designed to bring together individuals and companies involved in the trucking and transportation industry. It serves as a platform for networking, showcasing new products and technologies, and addressing industry challenges. The show typically spans over three days, usually held in late March or early April each year.

MATS features a massive exhibition area where companies in the trucking industry showcase their products and services. This includes truck manufacturers, equipment suppliers, technology providers, and more.

The 46th annual Mid-America Trucking Show once again featured the Paul C. Young Championship of Truck Beauty. With truck parking, wipe downs and night lighting, you'll be able to enjoy the highlights of the entire show. Find out why the area is being closed while President Trump and his security detail escort the show grounds.

Take a look at Colton Chase's 379 with a brand new Timpte Hopper, Ethan Young's T660, Dustin Shipman wiping down Kenworth J&L Contracting's "Never Satisfied." Regardless of your brand and model preference, there's a lot to love here. Just watch the video below and see how amazing all these trucks are!