Custom Peterbilt's Almost Ready for 75 Chrome Shop Show

There is very little time left until the event that will blow everyone's mind! The 75 Chrome Shop Truck Show is an annual event that takes place in Wildwood, Florida. The event is usually held at the 75 Chrome Shop, which is a trucking accessory and chrome shop located in Wildwood, Florida.

The shop itself is a popular destination for truck drivers and enthusiasts looking to customize their trucks with chrome accessories. Truck owners often bring their customized and polished trucks to the event to participate in the "Show and Shine" competition, where their vehicles are judged for their appearance and condition.

So these guys are trying their best to get ready for the 75 Chrome Shop Truck Show! But they have a lot to do! The 389X Peterbilt truck's paint looks like you could walk into paint, it's so shiny and bright and the black frame sets it off. It's going to be an awesome weekend with some cool tech in the parking lot!

Enjoy this wonderfully made truck; it won't leave anyone indifferent! We really hope that it will be appreciated and receive many well-deserved awards. Scroll down, click the button and watch the video to the end.