Largest Fire Truck Manufacturer

Pierce Manufacturing is the world's largest manufacturer of fire trucks. This largest manufacturer of fire trucks is located in Wisconsin, USA. 1,400 trucks are produced here every year - and each truck is unique. Customers specify every detail - from the first sketch of the 3D model to the finished truck.

More than 13,000 individual components, most of which are painstakingly handcrafted, combine to create a completely custom fire-fighting vehicle. All this is possible only with extensive experience. Three thousand employees have an average of twelve years of professional experience. After all, not just any product is produced here, and in the event of an emergency, its quality becomes a matter of life and death!

In today's video you can see the production of the popular Enforcer fire truck from the very first stage - building the chassis - to final acceptance by the customer. One of the main points is the assembly of the TAK4 wheel axle. Developed in the military sector, it allows you to corner at maximum speed without tipping over.

After about three months of production, the grand finale was the installation of a giant 33-meter rotating staircase onto the roof of the Enforcer. A nerve-wracking task for the workers. Using two crane winches, they will have to install a part weighing several tons with millimeter precision. No cable must be damaged. The final check shows whether the installation was successful!

Check out this very interesting video. This work is something very difficult, but also very necessary. You can see the whole process for yourself. Enjoy watching.