European vs American Cabover Semi Trucks

Today's video is about the differences between European and American cabover semi trucks. These trucks, known as cabover-engine (COE) trucks or simply cabovers, differ in several key design and regulatory aspects.

European trucks adhere to the standards set by the European Union. These standards often lead to more compact and aerodynamic designs. While American trucks follow the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

European cabovers are typically more compact and have shorter wheelbases. They are designed to navigate narrow roads and tight spaces common in European cities. American cabovers tend to have longer wheelbases and larger dimensions, suitable for the extensive highway networks and larger parking spaces in the United States.

European cabovers often feature more aerodynamic designs to improve fuel efficiency. The emphasis on fuel economy is driven by the higher cost of fuel in Europe. While American cabovers may have a more squared-off and classic design, with less emphasis on aerodynamics. However, recent trends in the U.S. trucking industry have seen a greater focus on fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

European cabovers typically have the engine mounted underneath or between the driver and passenger seats (cabover design). This contributes to a shorter overall length. But American cabovers traditionally have the engine positioned in front of the cab. However, in recent years, there has been a shift toward more conventional truck designs with the engine placed in front of the driver.

European cabovers often have more driver-friendly and space-efficient cab designs. The emphasis is on optimizing the limited space available. American cabovers may have larger cabs with more interior space, providing a different driving experience for the trucker.

Learn more about difference between European and American cabover semi trucks by scrolling down and watching the video below. Enjoy the beauty of these trucks. And tell us, which one would you like to drive?