2020 Volvo 740 RV Hauler

Today we're showcasing a truck converted into a daily driver. This Volvo 740 is not much larger than a pickup truck and maneuvers much better. When towing a heavy RV or horse trailer, this truck will outperform any pickup truck in terms of power and comfort!

It is a really great build. This trcuk has a herd moose bumper. Very nice bumper! This Volvo was quite unusual in its configuration. You can see that it's pretty short, the overall length of the truck is about 27 feet 4 inches, including the moose bumper and the rear bumper that hangs over some. So it's a short truck. The wheelbase is 200 inches, the guys could have made it shorter, but it looked proportional and is really what the customer wanted. It will be a great daily driver that is easy to get around. We can say with 100% certainty that the customer will be satisfied with the truck!

The Volvo 740 RV Hauler is an excellent choice for drivers who love comfort and modern technology. Evaluate this truck properly! Let us know what you think of it. Scroll down and enjoy watching the video below.