Massive 1000 hp Kenworth C510 with 5 Trailer Road Train

These massive Kenworth C510 trucks, boasting an impressive 1000 horsepower, are specifically engineered for off-highway usage and carry a rating of up to 250 tonnes at Burton Downs Mine. Propelled by Cummins' 19-liter QSK-19 engine, compliant with Australian on-highway emission standards (ADR80), these vehicles are tailored for high-end road train applications. The substantial Cummins engine outperforms smaller cubic capacity engines, ensuring heightened levels of durability and reliability.

The engine exhibits a power output of 606 horsepower (447 kW) at 2100 rpm, with a peak torque of 1950 lb ft (2644 Nm) at 1300 rpm. Notable components include an 18-speed Fuller RTLO-22918B transmission, featuring a first gear ratio of 14.4:1 through to 0.73:1 in overdrive. The rear axles, Axle Tech STRC-1297 hub reduction (formerly Rockwell off-road models), possess a final ratio of 9.59:1. The front axle, a Rockwell FL941, is rated at 9.1 tonnes, and the 295 mm deep chassis, with a significantly sturdier web and flange than its highway counterparts, features a full-length double frame.

These power trailer units incorporate a Smith-built body on the power-trans chassis, with Cummins ISX or Signature engines rated at 450 and 500 horsepower. They are connected to an Allison automatic transmission and tri-drive SISU hub reduction axles. Control of these trailers is achieved through both a cab-mounted hand throttle and integration with the accelerator pedal. This setup proves advantageous, particularly during hill climbs, allowing the trailer to be set at full throttle. When the driver changes gears in the Kenworth C510, minimal road speed loss occurs, as the trailer continues to propel the unit. Watch the video below and you will surely be impressed!