Kenworth W-990

Today you have a great opportunity to see a truck that attracts the attention of absolutely everyone on the road! This "handsome guy" is simply amazing! King of the road. Absolutely outstanding. This is definitely a masterpiece. Work has become much easier...

The construction of a record-breaking Kenworth W-990 with a 445-inch wheelbase and a 261-inch ARI sleeper is an impressive and ambitious undertaking. A 445-inch wheelbase is exceptionally long, contributing to stability on the road and potentially allowing for a smoother ride. The 261-inch ARI sleeper is exceptionally spacious and provides a comfortable living and working space for long-haul truckers. Such a large sleeper can accommodate various amenities, making it a home away from home during extended trips.

The level of customization involved in building such a truck is very extensive. It includes modifications to the chassis, suspension, and other components to accommodate the extended wheelbase and large sleeper. In addition, the sleeper interior has a custom configuration and amenities tailored to the driver's needs. Such endeavors showcase the continuous evolution and innovation within the commercial trucking sector.

Take a break from your daily routine and watch the video we offer you below. You won't regret it, but on the contrary, you will cheer yourself up! Enjoy viewing.