1982 Peterbilt 359 Pace Truck

In today's great video you will see a remarkable and historically significant truck! This 1982 Peterbilt 359 was built by Pocono Peterbilt specifically for The Great American Truck Race at Pocono International Raceway, serving as the pace truck.

It is equipped with a Cummins NT855 Big Cam 3 engine, a 13-speed transmission, and 3.90 rear axle ratios. One of the most unique aspects of this truck is its LivLab sleeper cab, a rare feature with only 21 units ever produced. The LivLab sleeper offers enhanced comfort for long-haul drives, providing a spacious and more comfortable resting area. The truck has an impressive history, being a one-owner vehicle stored in a barn for 15 years before its restoration and ride home. Its unique build and rare sleeper make it a significant piece of trucking history and a prized possession for enthusiasts.

The Peterbilt 359 is known for its heavy-duty construction, featuring a robust frame and durable components. It also has a stylish design, characterized by its distinctive grille and iconic Peterbilt aesthetics. The Peterbilt 359, produced from 1967 to 1987, remains one of the most iconic trucks in heavy-duty history.

Its popularity is due to its powerful engine options, robust build, and the versatility offered by its various configurations, including day cab, sleeper cab, and extended hood variants​. This specific 1982 model not only serves as a functional and powerful vehicle but also as a piece of trucking and motorsport history, making it a remarkable and cherished asset among classic truck enthusiasts. So take a look at this rare truck and you will be amazed by its beauty and unique design.