Starting 1995 Sisu Truck (Cummins Diesel)

Today we take you on a journey to revive a 1995 Sisu SR 332 CKH-6×2 truck. This heavy-duty vehicle, equipped with a powerful 14-liter engine and capable of generating 327 kW, has been dormant for four years.

You will be able to see an exterior shot of the Sisu truck, showcasing its robust and rugged design. The truck's Cummins 445E diesel engine, renowned for its durability and reliability, sits at the heart of this mechanical beast, ready to be brought back to life.

The process of starting the truck is documented in detail. When the key turns, the engine roars to life, emitting a powerful growl that signifies the awakening of the long-silent machine. This moment is not just about starting a truck; it is about rekindling a legacy of engineering excellence! The truck, despite its years of inactivity, demonstrates impressive performance on the road. The Cummins engine delivers a reliable and strong performance, reaffirming its reputation.

This is a captivating blend of technical demonstration and nostalgic revival. It highlights the durability and strength of the Sisu SR 332 and its Cummins diesel engine, proving that even after years of inactivity, these machines can still deliver outstanding performance. For anyone passionate about trucks and automotive restoration, this video is a must-watch! Scroll down and watch the video below right away! You will definitely like it.