Spectacular Motorcoach Terra Wind By Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International

Does it really go into the water? Yes, it definitely does!!! Here is the Terra Wind, a luxurious amphibious motorcoach designed and built by CIMA- Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International.

The Terra Wind is a first class amphibious motor coach with a top speed of 80 mph. When entering to water, the driver continues to moving forward until the wheels flow free of the ramp. The road transmission is placed into the neutral position and the marine transmission is place into drive. It's designed specifically for fresh water environments such as lakes and rivers. It's not intended for ocean use. Although It may look top heavy, it's not.

The designer of Terra Wind took into account every single component. Each component is subjected to a specific weight and balance calculation considering its ability to be on the water. The price of Terra Wind is based on the options to be chosen by the client. The Terra Wind by CIMA is a perfect vehicle to immerse yourself into the nurturing arms of mother nature.